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Newest Wild Boy, Ben Post, although a resident of Austin since 1996, grew up in DFW. Sometime in 1985, his aunt introduced him to Duran Duran, and although he was more of Van Halen fan at the time, by the time the 90s rolled around, Duran Duran was his favorite band, and has been ever since.


A late bloomer for Duranlive, for his 23rd birthday, he went to Vegas to see the boys play at the Joint at the Hard Rock. Since then, he has attended numerous DD shows across the US. In 2012, he met John Taylor, who signed his early 80s model Aria Pro II SB 900, which you can sometimes see on stage. Over the years Ben has had many fantastic encounters with Duran which have only fueled his passion for the band. To say that Ben loves the music and the culture of this band is a gross understatement. He has studied the bass lines of John Taylor for over 15 years, and he is excited to share his love for Duran Duran and John Taylor on stage with Wild Boys!

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